Golden Phoenix Healing


We believe the best testimonials come directly from the people we've helped. Here are some of the beautiful shares from individuals that have worked with us.

I started working with Leah at the recommendation of a friend after a loved one had passed. I really wanted to try and communicate with him, but was scared. Leah helped me be comfortable and set boundaries with how I could do this. I was blown away by the messages that I was getting in my first reading. I felt compelled to keep working on my own personal communication skills with him, and Leah helped me start breaking those barriers in a way that felt authentic and safe. I am so happy that I've started this journey. Our work in personal and group classes has really helped me view the world differently. I am more actively listening to my intuition, prioritizing my personal growth and meditation, and appreciating my connection with the world around me more. I also question my anxieties more and try to get to the root of why I react the way I do. It's helped me diffuse internal stress in my everyday life.

~Ashley W. 


I've had such lovely and powerful experiences with A-T and absolutely will continue to see her.

~Indigo U.


Every week I look forward to the new card reading from Leah at Golden Phoenix Healing.  Leah truly is a conduit for divine messages.  Each week it feels like the messages were personally for me!  I love the encouragement, confirmation, synchronicity and especially the messages I hear from my recently departed father. Thank you so much.

Here's a recent article Vicki wrote after attending a GPH Bhakti Retreat:

~Vicki Haddock, Transformational coach


After every session I leave feeling exhilarated. My soul feels lighter.

~Lori C.


For the past four years now Leah has been such a guiding light in my life. I’ve enjoyed many shamanic journeys, guided meditations, blessings ceremonies and even a fire ceremony. I don’t think I would have been able to go to the depths of healing that I have if it wasn’t for her guidance, support and unconditional loving compassion. Her coaching approach is gentle and moving. I cannot imagine my life without her. I look forward to going even deeper into my healing journey and working with her in her knowledge of earth medicine. I highly recommend this beautiful earth angel to anyone! All walks of life welcomed here without judgement, trust me! I’m so thankful for her!

~April Johnson


Leah is a very gifted individual. Her energy work and coaching helped me grow through some very challenging trials.

~Aileen Pfitzer


I am so thankful to the universe for guiding me to Leah! In the few months I’ve been seeing her I already see and feel positive transformation in my life. She helped me see the world in a new way (or, an old way I had forgotten) that is filled with peace and light. I would say the most important change I’ve experienced is the sense of empowerment she’s awakened in me. I no longer feel like a victim of my life, but I know that it is within my power to make positive changes and choices. I feel hope again that I can lead the life I want. My lifestyle is healthier since beginning my work with her. If you are thinking about going to Leah but aren’t sure what the process will be like - do it! You won’t regret it! She makes you feel comfortable and she guides you along your own path, wherever you are on it.

~Charlotte Lang


Leah has been coming to my house (bonus!) for over two years now and I’ve finally seen improvement in my hip issues, among other things! Sometimes even a yogi needs outside help—A lesson I keep learning! She’s been able to track the various muscle imbalances I’ve acquired and followed the kinetic chain of what needs attending to in my body each time she comes.

Leah is a passionate healer and genuinely cares about walking with her clients through their challenges making certain they leave feeling relaxed and well cared for. In her Body Work sessions, she addresses each person’s physical and energetic bodies by deeply listening to the breath and allowing the needs of the client to be heard. She provides a higher level of therapy with healing sessions which combines all her experience and professional training.

The cupping therapy she provides is also quite helpful and relaxing. I can notice a big difference in my circulation. When I haven't seen her for awhile, my hands fall asleep at night--but not after her therapy!

 I recommend her HIGHLY! You won't regret it! You can start feeling better sooner than later! 

~Sandy Krzyzanowski


I met Leah when I was going through huge life changes. I was exploring my spirituality and learning how to connect with my guides and Higher Self. My sessions with Leah helped me trust my intuition. Our sessions began with a guided meditation to connect with my Higher Self. I would tell her what I was seeing in my meditation and even though I didn't understand what I was experiencing in that moment, Leah held such a beautiful, loving space that I was able to continue with the vision until I got to the meat of whatever issue I was experiencing at the time. Leah's ability to hold a judgement free space allowed to me to grow because I didn't have to hold back. She provided tools for me to use on my own so that I can go in to meditation and connect with my Higher Self and allow experience whatever comes up. I have made profound self realizations and I trust my intuition like never before. I would highly recommend anyone to see Leah.  She can help guide you through the transformations in your life, help you understand what you are feeling and give you the tools you need to grow.

~LeAnn Sarazin